Nuron Power Tools investment offers hire customers great performance

South West Tool Hire is pleased to have expanded its range of tool hire equipment by investing in cordless Nuron tools from the brand Hilti.

Here at South West Tool Hire, we provide our customers with the latest tools and equipment.

On construction sites, customers often face the problem of needing different energy sources for their tools. There are cordless platforms with different voltages for various applications, corded tools, and gas-powered tools. That leads to searching for tools and the right batteries, bringing multiple chargers, running cords and mixing fuel. Hilti is changing this paradigm with Nuron.

Why is cordless the best?

All batteries and chargers are interchangeable with all Nuron tools, which is key for optimizing tool parks and reducing costs for businesses. The 22 Volt cordless platform delivers unprecedented performance. Heavy-duty applications that were once restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher voltage battery systems, are made easier.  The basis for this is the completely redesigned battery interface which ensures significantly higher power transfer than corded mains, and thus provides a higher performance.

The reengineered Nuron batteries are more durable. They have a robust fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers which provide extra protection even in the toughest conditions. The electronics are fully sealed to protect against moisture, dust and other jobsite contaminants.

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Hilti power tools available for hire

30WR-22 Cordless Circular Saw 

The 30WR-22 Cordless Circular Saw is designed for more precise, comfortable use – ergonomic grips and an LED light provide a clear view of the cutting line and guiderail compatibility helps to make precise cuts quicker and easier.

Key features 

  • Tripled cutting speed – New brushless motor cuts faster than many other cordless circular saws
  • Increased run time between charges – Powerful Nuron battery technology
  • Maximum cutting depth – Cut through three 22mm wood boards in one go
  • Virtually dust-free cutting – Includes a rotatable dust port to connect the cordless circular saw to a vacuum cleaner
  • Cross and rip cuts through wood or plastic

Cordless SR 6-22 Reciprocating Saw 

This Cordless 6-22 Reciprocating Saw is designed to deliver a high cutting speed with faster and smoother cuts. The saw is able to slice through metal or nail-embedded wood with ease due to the extra output from the Nuron battery.

Key Features

  • Powerful cordless reciprocating saw delivers higher cutting speed without compromising on handling comfort
  • Advanced ergonomics – Up to 26% lower vibration thanks to Advanced Vibration Reduction (AVR), improved tool balance and LED light, the SR 6-22 delivers Hilti’s best handling yet
  • Powerful Nuron battery – Longer-lasting battery and energy-saving blades
  • Trimming or demolishing non-structural metal – Such as pipe, strut, cable trays, sheet and crash barriers

DSH 600-22 Battery Cut-Off Saw

If you are cutting bricks, blocks, concrete, stone, roof tiles or metalwork on site, this saw is the professionals choice. The Nuron DSH 600-22 battery cut-off saw is a fume free saw weighing just 8.9 kg. This cut off saw is engineered for comfortable handling during all-day cutting.

Key Features

  • Battery-powered cut-off saw for heavy-duty tasks – This cut off saw gets the same work done as a 60cc petrol cut-off saw, but without the fumes, noise, extra maintenance and fuel mix issues
  • Long trigger time – You can cut as much concrete with two sets of Nuron batteries as with one full tank of petrol thanks to the combination of smarter, more efficient batteries and cordless-optimised blades
  • Improved safety features – Fume-free, quieter, lower-vibration cutting, and a fast-acting blade brake (approx. 4 seconds)
  • Better manoeuverability – Weighing just 8.9 kg (or 12.2 kg including two B 22-170 batteries and a 300 mm blade), this cut off saw is engineered for comfortable handling during all-day cutting

Nuron 6-22 Cordless Impact Driver

The SID 6-22 Cordless Impact Driver has a high-speed brushless motor and precise handling to help you save time on high-volume fastening jobs. The LED light ring around the drill bit provides a clearer, glare-free view of your work area. The textured and contoured grip means a more comfortable control during long periods of use, or when working overhead.

Key Features

  • Brushless motor and rapid trigger response help you save time on every single fastening
  • Longer battery run time – Smart, efficient Nuron 22V batteries work with the brushless motor to deliver our longest ever working time per charge from a cordless impact driver
  • Great compact size – At just 137 mm from front to back, this is the ideal cordless impact driver when you need power in tight spaces

TE 2000-22 Cordless Jackhammer

For breaking up concreate slabs and foundations, the cordless TE 2000-22 Jackhammer is the ideal choice. We can offer great short or long term hire on concrete breakers / jack hammer.

Start the job faster with the Nuron TE 2000-22 Cordless Jackhammer. With unbeatable maneuverability and weighing only 10kg, it’s much slimmer than most other battery-powered jackhammers.

Key Features

  • Able to break up foundations and concrete slabs up to a thickness of 20cm (8”)
  • Suitable for one-day demolition jobs when you need a fast start and efficient progress
  • Virtually dust-free demolition – Up to 95% reduction of fine silica dust when used with a TE DRS-B dust removal system and compatible Hilti vacuum cleaner

TE 6-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer

The 6-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer is a versatile SDS Plus cordless rotary hammer with a wide drilling range, chipping function and quick-change chuck.

An even lighter hammer, helping reduce fatigue and helping you power through larger concrete drilling jobs. With improved handling, better tool balance and contoured grips so you can drill, chip or drive more comfortably.

Key Features

  • Now even lighter, helping you power through larger concrete drilling jobs
  • Improved handling – Better tool balance and contoured grips so you can drill, chip or drive more comfortably in any position
  • Hilti’s active vibration reduction reduces vibration by up to 2/3 compared to normal power tools, resulting in greater working comfort and increased productivity
  • Hilti TE-C (SDS Plus) Chuck
  • Virtually dust-free drilling (TE DRS-4/6 on-board dust removal system or TE DRS-C vacuum cleaner connector required)

TE 60-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer

The Cordless TE 60-22 Rotary Hammer is ideal for heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiseling. This cordless rotary hammer has upgraded safety features which include Active Torque Control (ATC) to better protect you from uncontrolled spinning if the bit jams, and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) for increased shielding from vibration.

Key Features

  • Extremely versatile rotary hammer drill for heavy-duty concrete construction work as well as building services installation
  • Drilling holes for post-installed rebar connections in concrete (recommended diameter range 20-40 mm)
  • Drilling holes for pipe penetrations or electrical outlets through concrete and masonry
  • Chiselling openings and channels in concrete or masonry

Hilti was founded in 1941 by brothers Eugen and Martin Hilti with the goal to build a better future with sustainable and innovative solutions. Hilti specialises in power tools and fastening systems, used in all sectors of activity of construction.

To hire Hilti Nuron tools, call us today on;

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