Diggers & Dumpers Hire

Boost Your Project Efficiency with Mini Digger and Dumper Hire in Bristol

South West Tool Hire is pleased to hire our reliable and robust range of mini diggers and dumpers. Designed to handle various tasks efficiently, these machines can be found on many construction or landscaping projects.

Mini Diggers: Compact Powerhouses

Mini diggers, also known as excavators, are compact yet powerful machines used to move large quantities of material like earth and stone. Their compact design and caterpillar type tracks allow them to traverse rough, uneven terrain with ease. The cab, sitting on a rotating platform, enables the bucket to be moved precisely where it’s needed​​.

These versatile machines find application in a variety of tasks

  • Excavation – for landscaping and digging holes/trenches
  • Demolition – helping remove concrete structures
  • Drilling holes – make an easier job than using hand power tools

At South West Tool Hire, we supply a number of 1-tonne, 1.5-tonne, and 3-tonne mini diggers in stock but we can easily source alternative models to suit your application.

Mini Dumpers: Moving Material Made Easy

Our range of dumpers includes the 1-tonne high tip dumper and lift & tip tracked dumpers. The 1-tonne high tip dumper is a high-performance machine perfect for general site duties, capable of lifting material high enough to tip into a skip​.

Why Choose South West Tool Hire?

Our branches are located in Exeter and Bristol, but we can supply digger and dumper hire across the UK. If you can’t find what you’re after on our website, please give us a call. We’re always happy to help​.

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