Flood damage control: South West Tool Hire at your rescue

South West Tool Hire has a wide range of pumping equipment hire to remove flood water. The pumping equipment is either powered by petrol like the Petrol utility water pump or powered by diesel like the super silent 4” and 6” water pumps

Petrol utility water pump:

This petrol powered pump is great for large amounts of water in a short span of time, which is a great option in times of a flood. Also, its robust large diameter frame makes it suitable for outdoor use. It has a high output capacity of 1000 litres per minute, suctioning sandy or muddy water and debris up to 1” (25.4mm) in diameter. It runs on a powerful Loncin/Belle G200F petrol engine with 3” suction and discharge ports. It also has a protection belly plate to aid use on soft ground. 

Petrol Utility pump - for website

Submersible water pump 1” Elite SPK450:

This submersible water pump can remove water down to just 2mm surface residue. They are ideal for removing potential contaminants due to flood water as they pump away small solids of up to 2 mm that are in the water. These water pumps feature a 1″ diameter outlet and they are designed to be fully submerged in the water, to a depth of up to 5m, in order to pump the water out and away from the area.

Submersible pump 1” Elite SPK450

Submersible water pump 2” Ponstar BBX55011:

The Koshin Submersible pump 2” Ponstar BBX55011 having a gross weight of 16 kg is a compact water pump ideal for removing 310 litres of water per minute with a grain size of maximum 6mm. They have a heavy duty construction to withstand suction power when submerged.

Submersible pump 2” Ponstar BBX55011

Submersible water pump 3” Tsurumi HS3.75S

These submersibles are engineered for the toughest applications, which sounds great for flood damage control. This equipment has a gross weight of 18 kg which makes it ideal for shifting the machine with ease. They are 3” submersible pumps with a flow rate of 225 litres per minute. 

Diesel super silent 4” and 6” water pumps:

These diesel powered silent water pumps have trouble-free pumping operation systems because of their highly efficient Selwood pumps that offer emission compliant engines and have a robust construction that is easy to operate and maintain. They are self-priming Selwood pumps that can be located beneath the level of water that needs to be pumped. They can be used to remove water with fine, large particles, rags, and fibres.

To drain water that is deep, a submersible water pump could do the work of draining the water from depths. They can typically be used to remove water from confined but deep spaces. They are a great option to be used in residential, municipal, commercial and industrial water extraction to pull out the water and clear the place. Hydraulic submersibles is another great option over petrol/diesel powered submersibles.

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