Gear Up for Festival Season with South West Tool Hire

As festival season amps up, it’s time to ensure your event hits all the right notes! South West Tool Hire is ready to rock your event with comprehensive hire support and a wide range of equipment from generators to crowd control barriers and welfare units ensuring every chord and chorus of your festival planning is perfect. 

Plus, with express same-day delivery available, South West Tool Hire meets the dynamic needs of the festival circuit, providing both full event support and individual item hires across Bristol, Exeter, and beyond.

Power Up Your Performance: 15kVA – 200kVA Generators & 10kVA Diesel Generators

Whether it’s a rock concert or a local fair, reliable power is the backbone of any event. South West Tool Hire’s generator hire options range from a compact 15kVA generator all the way to a 200kVA generator, ensuring that whether you’re lighting up a stage or powering a fleet of food trucks, you’ll always have the right power source. 

There’s also the 10kVA diesel generator, which is ideal for smaller venues or outdoor exhibitions, because keeping things running smoothly is as important as the show itself.

Crowd Control That Rocks: Crowd Control Barriers

When the crowd begins to bounce, make sure you’re prepared with South West Tool Hire. The crowd control solutions include sturdy Heras Pedestrian Gates and robust Crowd Control Barriers that are available for hire. 

The Heras Pedestrian Gates are essential for managing crowd movement, providing clear, controlled access points. Their easy setup and sturdy construction make them ideal for directing foot traffic and ensuring that attendees move through your event safely and efficiently.

The Crowd Control Barriers are built to handle the rigours of any event. Made from durable materials, these barriers are designed to withstand high-pressure crowds while maintaining their integrity. They are perfect for marking boundaries, creating secure areas, and ensuring that all attendees remain safe and organised.

Whether you’re setting up for a blockbuster music festival or a spirited community gathering, now you can keep things safe without skipping a beat.

Essential Event Infrastructure: Portaloos and Welfare Units

When it comes to event planning, don’t let the logistics flush away your peace of mind. Portaloos and welfare units are not merely conveniences—they’re crucial components for compliance and public health. 

These Griffin Portable Toilets provide essential sanitation solutions, ensuring that all attendees have access to clean and effective facilities. This is especially critical at outdoor plays, food festivals, and other public gatherings where the absence of adequate sanitation can significantly impact the overall event experience. 

Ensure your event meets all health and safety standards with our dependable units, ideal for any occasion hosted by South West Tool Hire. Make sure your event logistics are complete by prioritising these indispensable amenities.

High Notes with High Access: Boom Lift and Cherry Picker Hire

Setting up and breaking down an event site can be a tall order. South West Tool Hire’s boom lift and cherry picker hire services are just the ticket for safely working at height, ensuring your setup and takedown processes are efficient and secure. These hireable equipment help elevate your setup—quite literally.

The boom lifts provide the reach and stability needed for various tasks, from hanging banners to rigging stage lights. Whether you’re setting up a festival stage, arranging lighting for a nighttime event, or installing large decorations, our boom lifts can raise your operations to new heights.

Cherry pickers are versatile and essential for tasks that require mobility and height. Ideal for short-term hires, our cherry pickers are perfect for events, allowing you to perform high-access tasks quickly and safely. Whether you need to hang signage, set up truss, or manage any overhead installations – our cherry pickers are designed to handle the job with ease.

Need Something Else? Just Ask!

From forklifts for moving stages to lighting equipment that sets the scene, South West Tool Hire has got anything and everything you might need. The best part? It’s all delivered right where you need it, across the country. Whether you need full event support or just one critical item, they are able to tune into your needs.

Express Delivery Faster Than an Encore

Caught in a bind? The express same-day delivery service will have your back faster than you can shout “Encore!” From Bristol to Bath, Exeter to Weston-Super-Mare, South West Tool Hire ensures your event setup is as smooth as the finale of a symphony.

South West Tool Hire is not just a service; they’re your backstage pass to a flawless event. Whether you’re orchestrating a serene wedding or an electrifying music festival, consider South West Tool Hire as your roadies, ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Ready to make your next event a chart-topper? Contact South West Tool Hire — where every gig is a big gig.

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