Don’t Let the Dust Settle: South West Tool Hire’s Dust Suppression Tools

Dust, dust, go away! If only it were that easy. Whether you’re demolishing a building, managing a construction site, or organising an outdoor event, dust is an inevitable — and often pesky — part of the process. 

However, there is no need to worry. South West Tool Hire provides all the necessary equipment to effectively control dust. Allow us to introduce two of our premium dust suppression options: the Mist Cannon and the Multimister Road Tow Bowser.

Mist Opportunity: The Mist Cannon Is The Dust Suppression Solution 

When it comes to large-scale dust suppression, the Mist Cannon is the ultimate tool for keeping dust under control making for a safer and cleaner environment. Also known as a fog cannon, its advanced technology makes managing even the most challenging dust situations a breeze, turning a difficult task into an easy and effective solution.

Features and Benefits

  • 100m Water Spray Range: Equipped with a powerful turbo fan and booster, our Mist Cannon can propel a fine mist up to 100 metres, making it ideal for large demolition sites and industrial areas.
  • Automated Oscillation and Tilt: This feature ensures that the mist is evenly distributed, covering up to 26,150m² from one location, maximising dust suppression efficiency.
  • Water-Saving Function: With customisable spray configurations and automatic inlet valves, you can save water while effectively keeping dust at bay.
  • Portable and Easy to Relocate: Quick to deploy and easy to move around the site, ensuring you can tackle dust wherever it appears, enhancing operational flexibility.

Ideal Applications

Demolition Sites: During building demolitions, dust can pose significant health hazards and environmental concerns. The Mist Cannon efficiently suppresses dust, protecting nearby homes and people from exposure and maintaining a cleaner, safer demolition environment.

Mining and Quarry Work: In expansive industrial environments, like mines and quarries, airborne dust can be a persistent problem. The Mist Cannon is essential for controlling dust levels, helping to ensure a safer working environment and reducing the impact on nearby communities.

Outdoor Recycling Centres: Recycling activities can generate substantial amounts of dust, which can affect both the workers and the surrounding area. The Mist Cannon helps manage and mitigate this dust, promoting a cleaner and safer site, improving overall operational efficiency.

The Mist Cannon effectively controls dust, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Its portability and ease of relocation further add to its practicality, solidifying it as a superior tool for managing dust in challenging situations.

Sweeping Success: Multimister Road Tow Bowser 

For those seeking a highly efficient and adaptable dust suppression system, our Multimister Road Tow Bowser is the ideal solution. Combining sturdiness with versatility, this equipment is like the Swiss Army knife of dust management, offering a comprehensive approach to maintaining cleanliness and safety in various environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Functions: Select from a pressure washer, dust suppression/cleaning sprinkler, or a dust arm to address specific cleaning needs.
  • Heavy Duty Chassis: Designed with single and twin axle highway-approved trailer running gear, so it withstands rugged environments.
  • Easy Clean and Maintenance: Features a 2 inch fast drain valve for quick internal tank cleaning and a ¾ inch rear lockable tap.
  • Road Approved: Comes with EU-approved lighting and type-approved components, making it fully compliant for public road use.
  • Tank Capacity Options: Available in 1100 or 2000-litre tanks, made from polyethylene molded water tanks with integral baffles and access chamber. 

Ideal Applications

Construction Sites: The Multimister Road Tow Bowser is indispensable on construction sites. Its pressure washer function is perfect for cleaning construction equipment and delivery vehicles, ensuring that all machinery remains in optimal condition and reducing the risk of dirt-related malfunctions.

Road Cleaning: This versatile bowser excels in road cleaning applications. The spray bar effectively keeps public roads free from dirt and debris, enhancing safety for both site workers and the general public. The Multimister Road Tow Bowser’s ability to prevent dirt from leaving the site is crucial in maintaining cleanliness and compliance with environmental regulations.

Specific Dust Suppression Needs: For targeted dust control, the lance provides precise spraying capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas requiring tailored dust suppression, ensuring that specific spots receive the exact amount of attention needed to maintain air quality and visibility.

The Multimister Road Tow Bowser is more than just a piece of equipment; it is a vital tool in the battle against dust and dirt, offering practical solutions to a wide range of challenges. Whether on a construction site, maintaining public roads, or addressing specific dust suppression requirements, it stands out as the go-to choice for professionals seeking reliability and efficiency.

Effective Dust Control Scenarios for Demolition, Construction, and Outdoor Events

Demolition Delight

Imagine you’re overseeing a major demolition project in a busy built-up area. Dust control is essential to keep the air clean for nearby residents. The Mist Cannon comes into play here, quickly deployed and ready to blast a fine mist up to 100 metres away. Its automated oscillation means that every corner of the site is covered, keeping dust particles from becoming airborne.

Construction Cleanup

On a bustling construction site, maintaining a clean environment is crucial. With heavy machinery moving in and out, dust and dirt can quickly become a hazard. Enter the Multimister Road Tow Bowser. Hooked up to a vehicle, it can be easily moved around the site, using its pressure washer to clean muck off machinery and its spray bar to keep dust under control on the roads.

Outdoor Event Excellence

Hosting an outdoor festival or concert? You don’t want dust getting in the way. The Mist Cannon can be strategically placed to ensure that dust is kept at bay, providing a more enjoyable experience for attendees.

At South West Tool Hire, we’re all about helping you beat the dust. With our high quality dust suppression tools, you can tackle even the toughest dust challenges. So why wait? Give us a call today and let’s make your site cleaner, safer, and dust-free!

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